Multiparameter Electrode

The Multiparameter Electrode is a sonde housing for up to 3 replaceable sensors and up to 3 fixed sensors. It can be connected to a lab/field meter, or other sensor controller technology to provide up to 6 data inputs. It can be customized to your needs, as well as which sensors are available as either cartridges - for sensors that are commonly replaced, like pH, ORP, DO (membranes) or ISEs; or, fixed installations - for sensors that are long-lived like temperature, conductivity or a solution ground. The guard is threaded for easy sensor replacement, cleaning or inspection.


Customizable multiparameter sensor platform

  • Cartridge style sensors are self-contained and easy to exchange out as needed
  • Fixed sensors for cost effective parameter additions
  • Cable lenghts and connectors can be specified
  • Contact ASI to custom design the sensor suite for this multiparameter sensor platform

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