Universal Microstirrer

If you have ever accidentally washed a stir bar down the drain, you will immediately recognize one of the benefits of the ASI Universal Microstirrer.

This innovative device clips onto the end of any standard 12mm body electrode (pH, ISE, DO, etc) and when used in conjunction with the ASI MagneStir (or other magnetic stirrers) provides an excellent stirring mechanism for applications requiring slow to fast stirring speeds. The microstirrer’s position on the electrode can be adjusted to optimize stirring speed.


A great replacement for standard stir bars - use with any 12mm electrode

  • Control the stirring speed by one of three ways:
    • the stirrer speed control
    • the position of the microstirrer on the electrode
    • the height of the stirrer from the magnetic stirrer plate
  • The microstirrer attaches to any standard 12-mm electrode body – plastic or glass.
  • Microstirrer creates anything from a slow stirring to a fast vortex depending on your requirements
  • Compatible to most aqueous chemicals (like a stir bar)
  • Magnet life expectancy is >10 years.

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