RC66 Chlorine Electrode

The RC66-Series Free Chlorine electrode is an good choice for continuous measurement of residual chlorine in swimming pools, spas, industrial applications, or dirty/colored samples where colorimetric methods are inadequate. The measured chlorine concentration is proportional to the output (0-5V or 4-20 mA), which is compensated by an internal temperature sensor. It is primarily intended for free chlorine analysis and has easily replaced membranes.


½-inch NPT fitting - fits the ASI Flow Cell or others with applicable insertions

2-electrode amperometric technology

Choose from 4-20mA output or 0-5V output, this probe requires 6-12VDC power

  • Affordable, complete, free residual chlorine sensor system
  • Long life with replaceable membranes and refillable electrolyte
  • Automatic temperature-compensated output
  • Factory calibrated, no zero calibration required

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