87-Series Process Electrode

  • 87-Series Process Electrode

The 87-Series is a popular general purpose in-line (continuous measurement) electrode offering affordable, flat sensor application coverage for many water applications such as drinking water, industrial water, aquaculture, tank installations or related applications. The flat surface sensor is often referred to as "self-cleaning" when installed in a process stream since the water flow has a tendency to "shear off" biofouling and other debris from the sensor surface.


3/4" NPT threads on both front & back allow for in-pipe or submersible installations. 26.6mm outer diameter, customizable length.

Available for: pH, ORP

Body housing options: CPVC, PVC, Kynar® - PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride), Stainless Steel (316SS)

  • Flat surface sensor with "self-cleaning" properties
  • Sensor guard available and body tube "flats" make it easy to tighten or loosen with a tool
  • Temperature rating dependent on material used, popular for various industrial applications
  • Sufficient room inside body tube for preamps or other signal converters, within limitations

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