B1-Series Sensor Cartridges

The B1-Series Sensor Cartridges are designed to fit the B1-Series body housing or can be used as is, or customized for any application where a cartridge based sensor is desirable. With a thread and o-ring sealing system, they provide a robust, easy to use connection. No tool is required to install and remove these cartridges due to the knurling and easily grasped diameter. Let us help you design a B1 electrode or customized platform to use these convenient sensor cartridges in a variety of applications.


Designed for use with the B1-Series Electrode Housing, or for other platforms where a cartridge based sensor is needed

Available for: pH (round sensor), pH (flat sensor), ORP (multiple sensor shapes and materials), Conductivity (glass/platinum or carbon versions), Dissolved Oxygen, ISE or other custom sensor technologies

Body housing options: ABS, CPVC

  • Complete, all-in-one sensors - for example, the pH &ORP versions house both the sensing half-cell and the reference half cell
  • Customize the length, housing color, sensor shape or material, or other features to suit your application
  • Affordable and convenient - no tool needed to install or remove

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